About AWH


AWH is a fast growing marine and logistics services company based in Johor, Malaysia. We aim to become a leading marine and logistics service provider in the region.

We are experts in delivering innovative, efficient and value driven solutions to our customers. AWH is a 100% local company comprises of individual with strong marine and logistics background, having experience in various fields and have held top managerial. We are the right partner for you.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us, your business matters as much to us as it is to you. We offer a wide range of services in all segments of the marine and logistic services at the most reliable and high-quality solutions.

AWH goals is always to ensure we meet our client’s needs and expectations by providing services at the highest level of technical as well as quality standards and continues to develop its position as a one-stop centre for marine support services and total logistics provider within the region. We are committed to the highest safety level of personnel, equipment and the environment.



To provide the highest quality and effective solutions in marine and logistics services.


To be one of the prominent marine and logistics service providers in the South East Asia.


At AWH, as on the rise service provider, we are committed to uphold highest quality in delivering our services through:

  • Continuously improve our service to customer in meeting their expectation
  • To perform contracted work safely and efficiently in accordance with the Customer’s requirement and satisfaction
  • Ensure that our services become a benchmark for quality and safety
  • Providing employee with high quality working environment
  • Empower each employee to support continuous improvement of our Quality Management System
  • Innovate and continuously reviewing for improvement of all our services and quality management system


AWH recognizes that the services we provide to our clients have the potential to cause harm to the environment and risks to health and safety of our employees and public. These include the potential for discharges to the environment of petroleum products through marine operations and associated physical, chemical and other health and safety risks these present to our employees and the general public.

AWH is committed to comply with and exceeding, where practicable, the Laws and Regulations of National and International relevant to our activities and services.

AWH is to provide security and safeguards as needed to protect its personnel, assets, operations, facilities and business information. The vigilance and involvement of every employee and contractor is needed as is a professional and technically competent security organization.


AWH believes that the misuse of drugs and alcohol can cause danger at work and can be a serious threat o the Health and Safety of our customers and employees, as well as the environment in which we work and live. To achieve a safe working environment, AWH adopts the following policy to prevent the misuse of such substances by its people.

We will:

  • Promote a working environment that will not tolerate the use of illegal drugs or the misuse of alcohol;
  • Require employees to undergo alcohol and drug tests, where reason exists to suspect alcohol or drug abuse;
  • Strictly prohibit the usage, distribution, or sale of illegal drugs by all AWH employees;
  • Explore the possibility of alcohol or drug use in all investigations of accidents and incidents;
  • Provide employees with adequate training on the dangers of alcohol and drugs misuse at workplace;
  • Require that all contractors ensure that their employee meet the intent of this policy throughout their services to AWH. This will be verified through audits and contractor’s reports.

To ensure that such provision is complied, AWH shall take disciplinary action as appropriate against any person discovered in possession of, or under influence of drugs, or found to have abused the usage of alcohol.